Hi, IISMA Alumni!

The IISMA Organizing Committee cordially invites all current Batch 1 awardees of the IISMA Program to run for the President and Director of Mentorship positions in the IISMA Alumni Organization of 2022/2023 (from 15 April 2022 to 15 February 2023). Help us build an alumni-led non-profit organization that will provide better opportunities for the Indonesian higher education community.

Who classifies as an alumni?

  • Listed Alumni
    • All awardees of the IISMA scholarship who have completed their mobility program with satisfactory results are inducted into the Listed Alumni of the IISMA Alumni Organization.
  • Board Member
    • The Board Members of the IISMA Alumni Organization are the IISMA alumni who have passed a selection process to fill certain roles and positions on the Board in a particular term.
    • Membership to the IISMA Alumni Board is open to awardees from any batch, but the Board of 2022/2023 will only consist of alumni from the 2021 IISMA Program.



The Mentorship program matches an IISMA alumni group with an IISMA awardee group of the same host university or country. The Mentorship team will prepare a curriculum to cover areas that are relevant for academic life of the incoming IISMA awardees at the host university or country. This includes but is not limited to academic writing skills, academic ethics, introduction to campus resources and facilities, as well as a soft skills training. Mentors will be recruited from our pool of talented and skilled IISMA alumni.

Alumni Development

This program comprises mentorship, workshops, seminars, and other such activities that are specifically tailored to improving the skills and providing better opportunities for IISMA alumni. In the Alumni Development curriculum, the IISMA Alumni Organization will work with trainers, experts, and other professionals of various industries based on a curriculum that aims to boost the knowledge and insight of all IISMA alumni.

Alumni Editorial

The Alumni Editorial program encourages IISMA alumni to write in-depth, high-quality articles on various topics that aim to inspire potential awardees. Writers and editors will also have the chance to collaborate with external contributors to publish inspirational pieces from their experience. The articles, think pieces, and other products of the Alumni Editorial program will be published on the IISMA official website under the alumni publications section.

Alumni Welcoming Event

The Alumni Welcoming event will officially inaugurate the induction of returnees of the IISMA program into the IISMA Alumni Organization. This celebratory event is organized by the IISMA Organizing Committee and the relevant offices under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. In this event, prominent figures in the administration of the IISMA program, such as the Director General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology, are expected to appear.

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