Mentorship for Alumni

This initiative comes from an idea to continuously support the development of IISMA awardees, even after the study abroad programme has finished. We aim to prepare IISMA awardees to embark on their journey post graduation. This program will invite experts from a diversity of industries to cater the needs of IISMA alumni and help the alumni grow personally and professionally.


Grand Webinar Series

A series of webinars in the span of 3 months covering essential topics to prepare alumni upon graduation. The webinars will cover self-development, career, and postgraduate study preparation. IISMA Alumni club will hold one to two webinars per month for all alumni.

Mentoring Program

A personalized mentoring scheme where 1 mentor will be matched to a group of 3 mentees (alumni). Alumni will be able to choose a mentor with an aligned career or study path from our Mentor directory. IISMA alumni club will provide a platform where alumni can expect guidance from the mentor. The mentoring program will run for 3 months to ensure a well-prepared future for the alumni.

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