University of British Columbia

Vancouver, Canada

Available Courses

Introduction to the production, use, and attributes of renewable products and energy derived from biobased materials. Sustainability paradigms related to the bioeconomy; potential environmental and socio-political impacts associated with biobased technologies and transitions to sustainable economies.

Global overview of land use management and planning, with a focus on principles and practice.

Conceptual foundations of conservation; means of conserving nature and natural resources.

Introduction to climate change through the lens of local landscapes and future scenarios, using visual media to communicate the underlying science and psychology, and engage communities in local climate change solutions.

Introduction to principles, practice and context of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applied to forest management and natural resource conservation issues.

An introduction to policy and decision making for conserving biodiversity in an uncertain world using a combination of ecological data and decision science.

Community forests and community forestry throughout the world, with special attention to participation by aboriginal peoples; emphasis is on forms of governance, public participation, and adaptive learning.

Multi-disciplinary course in which students, individually and in groups, examine, integrate and apply subject-specific knowledge through the lens of language and the framework of the language sciences, with a focus on themes of real-world importance.

Roles played by urban forestry and greenspace systems in a rapidly changing world; topics include urban ecology, urban forest conservation, urban forest management, climate change, society and human well-being, design and planning, urban/rural interface issues, and urban forest policy.

Basic relationships between urban residents’ mental and physical well-being and their urban forest environment.

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