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Knowledge is central to modern society. Smart chips help companies keep track of goods and manage supplies and stocks. New, high-tech communication devices, such as mobile phones, navigation instruments and digital cameras, are greatly enhanced by intelligent software and medical and biological engineering help medical doctors arrive quickly at accurate diagnoses.

As a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence student, you’ll study methods to approach new challenges in these important areas. You’ll generate new knowledge by gathering and ordering valuable information using mathematics and intelligent computer techniques. The knowledge you’ll acquire can in turn be used to take decisions or solve problems efficiently.

We offer two tracks: One for students with a background in Computer Science and one for students with a background in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics

Our global society is facing complex challenges in diverse areas such as energy, life sciences, nutrition, materials and the transition to a more sustainable economy. Many of these challenges are interdisciplinary, requiring a new generation of scientists who are capable of looking across traditional boundaries between scientific disciplines.

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