Jardim do Morro; an intimate evening in Porto.

In Lenses’ newest publication, Favian invites us to take a pause in life and sing along ‘Imagine’ by The Beatles in the centerpiece of Porto, Portugal – Jardim do Morro.

During my IISMA study in Porto, Portugal, I was awed by the beauty of Porto. The Baroque architecture, ingrained in its iconic churches and buildings, the hilly landscape, alongside azulejos, tattooed in many homes, adding stories to an already distinct being. However, there was one thing  that stuck out in my mind, Jardim do Morro –a  simple yet charming space tucked in between Vila Nova de Gaia and Dom Luis I Bridge.

Serving as a lens that frames Porto in her most beautiful posture, Jardim do Morro acted as a communal space for people to take a pause on life. The enchanting mannerism of Jardim do Morro made you feel nothing but welcomed, as if you’re sitting on your own sofa – familiar and comforting. Unlike many touristic parks in Europe, Jardim do Morro is smaller, simpler, and more intimate.

Around Christmas time, I decided to explore the city alone with my friend’s Sony A6000 Camera, all to ensure that I can capture all of the beauty and experience that Porto had to offer. By sunset time, I arrived at Jardim do Morro, welcomed by a musician performing there, singing popular tunes alongside some Portuguese songs that are foreign to the ears, but beautiful nonetheless.

As minutes went by, the musician started singing Imagine by John Lennon. Guitar was strummed, the musician transitioned from the ambience of the park, an audio companion, into the centerpiece of our evening experience. 

Further into the song, more people started singing, acting as if we were a choir and the musician was our conductor. Finally, we arrived at the chorus

You may say I’m a dreamer!….” we yell harmoniously….


As the song ended, we all laughed and clapped.

After that, a Christmas and classical songs performed by a bell ensemble took place. By 7.30PM, it became too cold, forcing me to go home and ending my most memorable Porto moment.

Created by : Rifqi Favian Anargya

Rifqi Favian Anargya is a student of International Relations at Mulawarman University in East Borneo, specializing in sustainable tourism and economic development. Favian is a hobbyist in a few art mediums such as music composition and production, photography, and writing. He is passionate in telling stories in the form of visual and/or audio. 

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