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This course is designed for international students who learn Mandarin as a second language as beginners. This course is based on the textbook of “A Course in Contemporary Chinese” vol. 1 (Lesson 1 to 4), plus relevant materials and supplementary handouts, which can help students to chat with others in the daily life. Conversations in pairs and role-plays will be conducted in class. Pronunciations and tones will be emphasized and monitored carefully so students can better manage their pronunciations to enhance their communication skills. This class aims to encourage students to practice their Mandarin in the real life, which may help them better survive and study in Taiwan.

The purpose of this course is to enrich students’ cultural background knowledge of the English-speaking world today and to improve their critical thinking as well as language skills, with greater focus on oral communication, through line-by-line analysis and discussions of popular novels and frame-by-frame analysis of their film adaptations. The aim is to improve students’ critical thinking ability, analytical, and oral skills by engaging them to discuss social, cultural, psychological, and philosophical issues that are relevant to their understanding and appreciation of the selected literary works and their adaptations through thought-provoking discussions. This course will also serve as an encouragement for students to read these popular novels in English.

This is a high-intermediate course. In this course, major global issues are to be analyzed and discussed. Students will be able to read longer articles and essays that are rich in advanced vocabulary, complicated in organization and structure, and can grasp the arguments and perspectives they present. Many concepts and notions in social and cultural studies are also explored alongside with the issues discussed in class. Students are encouraged to exercise critical thinking and to discuss with one another and express their ideas and actively engage in exchange of opinions. Through learning global issues, students can deepen their understanding of the world, of other cultures, and the impacts and chances of these issues, and how they are related to themselves. The ultimate goal of this course is to enable students to develop global citizenship awareness by using English as a common tool of communication to participate in ongoing discussion on important global issues.

This course is designed to improve students’ moral awareness and ethical decision-making ability as future business professionals. By the end of this course, students shall be able to: 

(1) Develop a general understanding of the strategic challenges faced by different organizations in today’s global environment; (2) Identify the ethical issues and the sustainability implications in business practices; 3) Develop an appreciation of the potential for social innovation through business activities.

This English for presentations “bootcamp” course aims to serve as a one-stop-shop (constantly evolving according to instructor’s assessed student needs) workspace that inspires students to work together to create the presentation projects that will be required of them for their current or future academic and/or business careers. Following this course, students will not only have honed their ability to create high-stakes academic and business presentations at their host university, workplace or beyond, but, ideally, they will also have improved their overall English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening via presentations and frequent participation in-class discussions during the course of the semester.

This course is designed for international students who learn Mandarin as a second language as beginners. It aims at helping students to better survive and study in Taiwan. This course will focus on listening comprehension and speaking practice for students to better communicate with others in daily life. Many practical phrases will be provided for students to practice in class and students are encouraged to use them in the real life. Conversations in pairs and role-plays will be conducted in class.

This News English course is designed to enhance students’ four-skill English abilities via an interview project. Students are expected to comprehend the structure of journalistic writing, acquire essential expressions used in news stories and discuss current international and domestic affairs as well as cross-cultural issues. Students will be able to express viewpoints on certain news topics, understand news broadcasts online and write a news summary.

This course aims to help the students understand the various aspects that affect cross-cultural communication. Textbook materials, Internet articles and selected video clips will be used to identify and explain challenges in intercultural communications. Students will be expected to participate actively in classroom and online discussions with fellow students and international students. 

This course is designed to provide understanding of the fundamental concepts of market research, fundamental research designs (explorative, descriptive, and causal), data collection methods, sampling issues and different sampling techniques. This course equips students with the ability to analyze data from research projects, write a research report, and design and implement a market research project.

This course aims to introduce essential economic and political circumstances of the European Union, analyze and overview the key issues, themes and phenomena that affect business in Europe critically. In this course, students will also learn how they should consider and approach the European continent, have an idea about how to address critical business decisions in Europe, draw general business lessons from understanding European business, apply analytical and teamwork skills for evaluating cases, and improve communicational skills by presenting in front of a group.

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